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Hot Water  Heater Tanks

Most hot water tanks are only good for 8-12 years, so check yours frequently for any visible warning signs such as rust or leaking water and call Uni Mechanical, Inc.  for replacement.

Uni Mechanical, Inc. supplies and installs all brands of water heaters.  If you have problems with your water heater and it is under warranty, you can be sure that we will handle the problem promptly and ensure that you are fully covered under the warranty conditions.

We service all brands of electric, Naturel gas ,propane and oil water heaters.  Call us today!!

If you have problems with your home water heater call us and we will be there to get your hot water system working efficiently for you as soon as possible.

Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters 

If you are considering replacing your existing water heater or installing into a new house, you may want to look at a tankless water heater system.

The Benefits of Tankless

Never run out of hot water again, endless on demand hot water
Typical 20 year life span
Energy efficient (savings up to 40% compared to standard conventional tanks)
Flexibility. Can be installed in any room
Cleaner water
Up to 98% efficient Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters

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