At Uni Mechanical inc we can supply all your venting and chimney needs. 

We carry:

Single wall smoke pipe
Double wall smoke pipe , reduce clearance
Pellet venting systems ,chimney
High-temperature chimney 2100  (for wood burning systems)
B-vent (for low temperature uses ie: gas stoves or furnaces)
Stainless steel chimney liners for wood appliance
Direct-vent gas venting systems
Plus all parts and accessories

Our experienced and licensed technicians are available to provide a professional installation service or you can do it yourself.

We guarantee all of our work.

Uni mechanical inc , we are  Solid Fuel Space Heating technician and System advisor .

We are located at 2381 Highway 34 Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 2R2

Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 4:30 pm

Week end open by appointment

Office number 1-613-632-1119 or call 1-613-551-4240 Call now !!

We offer Financing - Equal payment plan by Vista credit

For all your Home comfort needs